Our Team

Here at ELLAir Solutions, our staff members share their knowledge of science, logic, and mathematics and draw from their own experience when designing and constructing innovative HVAC systems. They evaluate different design choices and use cutting-edge technology to handle our expanding portfolio of projects and services. All our employees are rigorously screened and skill tested to ensure they deliver outstanding services.


Our capable management team members play a major role in the company’s day-to-day operations. They possess tremendous experience in the HVAC industry and oversee the long-term plan for growing ELLAir Solutions’ comprehensive suite of mechanical, maintenance, and operations services. They have previously served as Managing Directors of leading air conditioning companies in the country. Our management team members have more than 27 years of experience in the industry and have spent most of their time managing HVAC projects in Australia and overseas. The Management Team is not only committed to the growth and success of ELLAir Solutions but also to the industry as a whole. They have the capacity and the educational qualifications to mentor the next generation of HVAC professionals in the country.

Their dedication to the company has helped it achieve significant growth. They focus on identifying areas of opportunity, building strong customer relations, and overseeing the company’s revenue and profitability growth. Ever since its launch, our highly skilled management team has led staff members in selecting, designing, and delivering the best HVAC systems that have met clients' requirements.

They’ve completed many training programs in HVAC, refrigeration engineering, building construction, sustainable design, and occupational health and safety. They all hold Bachelor’s Degrees and have completed numerous professional educational programs. With nearly three decades’ worth of experience in the industry, they have plenty of knowledge to meet and exceed each project’s unique requirements.

Management Team

Our team of leaders come from a mechanical engineering and accounting background and have in-depth knowledge in vital areas such as HVAC design & estimating project management, building construction, business management, financial management, and operations management. They bring over 35 years combined experience in the HVAC industry. Our manager excel in HVAC designs and estimating. They utilise their knowledge to fulfil the HVAC engineering design and documentation requirements for our projects.

With their superior Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree qualifications they have what it takes to respond to clients' ever-changing needs promptly.

Project Management Team

Our project managers have been contributing to ELLAir Solutions’ continued success for several years. They have more than 30 years combined of hands-on project management experience.

They have a wide-ranging work history, from heavy industries, oil and gas EPC Projects to building services (D&C Projects). The project management team has been heavily involved in designing and documenting HVAC projects for residential, commercial, and infrastructure sectors.

They hold Bachelor’s Degrees in their area of expertise and take pride in delivering high-quality services to our clients.

Administration Team

Here at ELLAir Solutions, we have confident and ambitious people working in our administration department. They’re experienced in liaising with overseas suppliers and deliver a satisfactory outcome for our clients and our company. Our administration team members have a passion for their profession. They use their knowledge and experience to process payments and handle logistics, marketing, and business activity statements for the company.

They hold Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration and are ready to take on the challenges that come their way.